Precision work
in three dimensions

Ricci & Mottaz solves your bar-turning component supply problems, by working on a three-dimensional approach: costs, lead time and quality.

  • Sale
  • Logistics
  • Quality control
Key factors

- The best price -

Due to their experience and in-depth technical knowledge of the markets in which they operate, Ricci & Mottaz's bar turners design quality solutions adapted to the demands of their customers. The right balance between quality and price is achieved by optimizing processes based on many years of experience and by mastering production tools to avoid over-quality of the parts to be produced.

Key factors

- The best lead times -

The Ricci & Mottaz logistics department is built around a modern ERP system that optimizes and streamlines stock management. Ricci & Mottaz manages on request, the stocks of its customers by crossing them with its own. Anything is possible!

Ricci & Mottaz works as lean as possible, limiting the immobilization of parts stocks, thus optimizing the efficiency and productivity of its customers. Ricci & Mottaz's responsiveness adapts to the needs of its agents and their requirements guide the pace and rhythm of its production.

Key factors
Quality control

- The best quality -

Quality control is an essential step before delivery. Ricci & Mottaz carries out a meticulous control of the parts throughout the production process up to delivery.