Passion and perfection

Ricci & Mottaz is a dynamic company with a passionate team, which brings together the know-how of precision and the sense for perfection.

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Ricci & Mottaz Sàrl
Sabrina Schmid Sabrina Schmid, Sales Manager
Sandrino Ricci Sandrino Ricci, Co-founder
Laurent Mottaz Laurent Mottaz, Co-founder

- In machine tool territory -

In 1995 in Moutier, the historic territory of the machine tools, Sandrino Ricci and Laurent Mottaz founded the company Ricci & Mottaz Sàrl. In this region, the tradition of micromechanics has made it possible to spread and bequeath a culture of quality and high standards shared by all the company’s employees. To this exceptional traditional heritage, Ricci & Mottaz employees add their passion for their profession and their interest in cutting-edge technologies.

Initially equipped with automatic cam-operated lathes, the company quickly turned towards new types of digitally controlled equipment in order to anticipate the increasing expectations of its customers.

Ricci & Mottaz produces high-precision parts for fields as varied as sophisticated: electronics, medical and dental equipment, scuba diving equipment, metrology, green mobility, high pressure cutting, etc.

In 2006, in order to meet a need for expansion and to improve production flows, Ricci & Mottaz’s management bought and renovated the building currently housing its activities, in Les Evalins, in the industrial zone of Moutier. This key step was a turning point in the optimization of the company’s productivity.

Therefor Ricci & Mottaz will continue to improve its customer service by offering its customers all the know-how of a company resolutely turned towards the future and new technologies.

The company

- The relationship at the
heart of our process -

Ricci & Mottaz deploys its activities by relying on strong values that guide each of its choices: supporting its clients in traditional or innovative projects that combine an excellent balance between quality, price and lead time.

Nothing is better than an excellent relationship to care for and maintain the trust of its clients. Thus, Ricci & Mottaz attaches great importance to the careful handling and answering of each request. This approach is aimed at ensuring the continued relevance of the products manufactured and preserving the company's reputation from design to finishing stages.

Ricci & Mottaz Sàrl

- From tradition to innovation -


Ricci & Mottaz provides its customers with high quality parts in the shortest possible time. It delivers completely finished parts with treatments and pre-assembly. Its subcontracting department also handles operations such as: grinding, hardening, electroplating, rolling, chemical deburring, etc.

Ricci & Mottaz also puts its expertise in bar turning at the service of its customers for the design of new products or their improvement.

Ricci & Mottaz Sàrl

- Material is our business -

Materials machined

While stainless steel is one of its main specialities, Ricci & Mottaz also works with many other materials: lead steels, high resistance steels and tool steels. All brass, bronze and nickel silver. All aluminiums, plastics, titanium, Arcap, etc.

Machining of square, hexagonal, tube materials etc.

Ricci & Mottaz Sàrl

- Quality above all! -


All parts are controlled according to the customer's specifications.

A complete and computerized metrological park supported by a qualified staff allows an optimal follow-up of the quality.

Ricci & Mottaz has defined, stable and repeatable production processes over time. The packaging and conditioning of the delivered parts are an integral part of a quality process that ensures delivery of high-quality products.

Ricci & Mottaz controls the traceability of the material used in the manufacture of the parts, right up to delivery. Throughout the production process:

  • Dimensional control of the parts produced and statistical control.
  • Visual controls during the various stages.
  • Control of the quantities produced and delivered.

Upon request, Ricci & Mottaz deliveries are accompanied by the usual validation documents, such as inspection and material certificates, SPCs and others.

Ricci & Mottaz Sàrl

- CNC specialist -

Since 1999, Ricci & Mottaz has been producing exclusively with numerically controlled equipment. Thus, the machine park is made up of a dozen CNC machines

  • CNC turning of all kinds
  • CNC milling in small and large series
  • Turning of equipment, micromechanics
  • Machining of parts with a diameter from 1 mm to 65 mm
Ricci & Mottaz Sàrl

- Respect for people
and the environment -

Ricci & Mottaz is committed to the respect of the environment and safety at work. The management integrates and implements the environmental and safety directives in force, while remaining attentive to their various evolutions. These measures are part of a vision of the future that enables sustainable use of production resources and ensures a healthy environment for all company employees.

Ricci & Mottaz Sàrl